OP Cloud Interface

Go to the following web address in your web browser: https://opcloud.fitosoft.com/users/index.html.

Every feature of OP Cloud can be used via the web application. End-users don't need to download or install any software onto their machines. The web application is served over HTTPS, allowing you to secure communications with a SSL certificate.

The web interface for OP Cloud is user-friendly. The main window consists of Header, Navigation Pane and Content Area:


Content Area
The OP Cloud web interface is grouped into task oriented sections. These sections – denoted in the header – are Servers, Users, Printers, Computers, Groups, Reports, Cards and Settings. Use the content area to view your current location in the interface, view your configuration, and administer your OP settings.
All groups, printers, users and computers are managed by OP. The list of objects includes:
• Enabled|Disabled status
• Current balance, quota and restriction
• Cost of printing, number of printed pages, rejected pages and rejected(saved) cost for the current day/week/month

The bottom status line shows the user's registration information.