OP Prepaid Cards

A Prepaid Print Card system allow users to purchase print cards in case their print quota is exhausted.
The system includes:
• A web page for creating new cards.
• A web page for end-users to enter card numbers.

To Add Card in the Cards List

Click on Cards in the Navigator Pane.
Click the Create Button.
Enter the number of cards, the cost of each card and the expiry date.
Click OK.

A new window opens and displays a print dialog box.

Activate a Prepaid Card

Logon to the OP server as a user. To increase the balance of the OP Client Account, click the 'Activate PaidCard' button. If a user has a valid prepaid card, type the code in the space provided, select the appropriate account and the OP server and click on the 'OK' button to update the subtotal.