OP Cloud: Lesser Paper and Greater Operational Efficiencies!

A few years ago, enterprises around the world considered "going green" concept a costly deal; requiring a hefty initial investment with little to no ROI. But today, more and more organizations are looking forward to integrating this concept into their core business functions to get a competitive edge! Nowadays, if you want to excel in the market, you have no option other than to capitalize on the emerging green IT trends. What a turnaround of things in a shorter span of time indeed!

Although we are living in a digital world, the paper usage hasn't shrunk as expected. A number of studies have reported that organizations still rely on the paperwork, printing thousands and thousands of papers for small reasons. While printing an email or an internet document without much need, a lot of us don't even think that we are utilizing a depleting natural resource. The need to change the overall attitude towards sustainability and discourage the excessive paper printing has provided an opportunity to combine the Green IT with the print management.

Why the Lesser Paper Approach?

Well, if you are searching the reason for adopting a lesser paper work approach, then you don't have an exact idea of how harmful traditional printing practices are! Printing paper consumes a very important natural resource, i-e. Trees; it consumes another important resource, i.e. energy, and last but not the least, it damages your health by producing volatile organic compounds! Not only this, but it has also been reported that fixtures and printers are two office expenses that consume maximum energy. These are the three primary reasons behind escalated need to reduce paper usage at the workplace.

OP Cloud as a Solution

OP Cloud can assist your enterprise in minimizing the paper cost and ultimately overall energy consumption through the integration of Green IT and Print Management.

The OP Cloud provides an efficient software solution in the print market and is playing an active role in saving the nature of global print. Moreover, it also takes the headache of managing multiple print servers in large organizations.

You can significantly reduce your overall printing cost by putting a restriction on the printing volume and color printing. Although, individually, these all measures may seem little useful. However, on an aggregate basis, the ecological impact can be staggering! You can enjoy operational savings not only via reduced paper cost but by saving your electricity bills also. Operating, accommodating and cooling the huge print servers is costly. Besides, such servers have significantly high impact on the environment. On average, around 3,000 kWh of energy is consumed by a single printing server each year.

Cloud Version of the OP can save all these costs as you wouldn't be required to accommodate, administer and operate those servers, achieving your reduced energy consumption targets as a result. It is very encouraging to know that a Dutch organization reduced 33 percent of its energy cost by implementing a print management system, and it resulted into shrinking down the total paper volume by 1.5 million in one year!!

Integrating an Eco-Friendly Organizational Culture

The Cloud Version of OP can also help you in integrating environment-friendly behavior through modifying the employees' conduct. To get it done, you would have to set clear printing rules for each department according to respective work nature. Afterward, Cloud Version of Object Print would control the mobile print by monitoring staff printing activities. Each time, a group or department would exceed its limit, Cloud Version of OP would send a message, reminding allowed limit and individual responsibility towards the environment. Moreover, it would also disapprove the print command that would violate the stated printing rules.

An efficient central print management would enhance the operational efficiencies by reducing the waste. Recall that hectic situation when a printer stops functioning, and jobs gather in the queue. All of the sudden, they all get printed when the issue is resolved. Such waste printouts can be eliminated through the adoption of eco-friendly print management.

It would significantly reduce your A4 cost, operational costs, and your energy consumption by fostering a "paperless strategy" into your organizational culture. Thus, don't waste your time and avail the eco printing services offered by Cloud Version of OP in order "to become a 'lesser paper' office" and ensure your long-term sustainability by combining it with eco-friendly printing. Minimize the customary practices that have a high impact on the environment and save some trees beside boosting your operational savings.


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